Don't Miss your Sauna suit When you workout

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Warm UP when WOrkOUT

What makes a sauna suit so successful for weight loss makes it useful in cold weather as well. During a workout, a person's body temperature elevates. A sauna suit keeps the body temperature higher, prevents heat from escaping and essentially provides a shell of warmth in cold weather.

Increases Circulation 

While wearing a sauna suit, a person's metabolism and pulse rate increases, blood rushes to the skin's surface, vessels dilate and become much more flexible and circulation increases. The body's extremities benefit most from improved circulation. Another benefit is that blood is pumped away from the organs.

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Weight Cutting For your Fights

A sauna suit traps body heat, thereby increasing perspiration. The more perspiration? The less water retention. And by revving up the metabolism, short-term exertion in a sauna suit hones in on that fat-burning zone. Whether you’re trying to make weight for the next fight or just shifting a few pounds, exercising in a sauna suit accelerates the process.


When exposed to intense heat, our bodies body releases heat shock proteins, which heal protect, and grow muscle cells. Known as muscular hypertrophy, this increase in muscle cells constitutes another reason for sauna suit conditioning: heat + exercise sets the process in motion.