Hot Knowledge

Sweat & Sparkle

HOTSUIT is a high-end niche brand for professional athletes and artists to lose weight in the shortest time possible; later, the suits were widely used by young people for body shaping. Nowadays, the product line extends to running, fitness, leisure and other categories, and it is a sought-after brand in many countries around the world.

LOGO Story

The Time-telling Electronic Code

To embody the major feature of HOTSUIT—better effects of exercise in a short time—the LOGO integrated the brand’s initial letter ‘H’ and the electronic watch code that people will recall upon mentioning time 7-digit code. This tells a story of time and efficiency.

Saunasuit Collection

HOTSUITT sauna suit, which is the signature product of HOTSUIT, with HOTSUIT-patented fabrics, quickly increase body temperature, activate sweat glands and promote the perspiration process.

Initially, HOTSUIT saunasuit was developed to help boxers efficiently control and shape their body in a short time, apart from professional athletes, artists and dancers also began to include HOTSUIT saunasuits into their pre-performance physique training. Now, HOTSUIT saunasuits are used in daily exercise and have brought new exercising experiences to sports lovers around the world.

Performance Collection

Body Shaping Performance Activewear

Besides providing professional sports functions, HOTSUIT PERFORMANCE unique shaping technology consolidates the exercise effect and improve the shaping result with HOTSUIT sweat control. Making you not just sweat when exercising but sweat in a confident way.

Black Label Collection

Ultimate Urban Sports

Hotsuit Black Label, urban sports style that combines fine tailoring and functionality. With closer-fitting​ style and compact design, this series of improved sportswear provides sports styles that can be worn 365 days a year.

Hotsuit Core Technologies

To Show You A Better Hotsuit

Through different core technologies for professional sports, HOTSUIT designs better sports equipment that encourages the desire to exercise. The two core technologies of the brand are ‘HOT SWEAT’ and ‘HOT BODY’.

The unique HOTSUIT shaping technology can consolidate the effects of exercise and improve the shaping results. This technology is widely used in the PERFORMANCE series.