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How to Wash Sauna Suit [Quick Tips]

How to Wash Sauna Suit [Quick Tips]

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Featuring body fat reduction and weight loss, sauna suits are popular in the world. Designed with waterproof fabrics, sauna suits increase your body temperature, which will lead to profuse sweating. After being used, your sauna suits are easy to breed bacteria and produce odors. 

If you are using a sauna suit for exercising or fitness, you must be wondering how to wash a sauna suit.

Read the article below to get the actionable methods on how to clean and dry sauna suit, including:

#1 Method. Wash sauna suit with hand.

#2 Method. Wash sauna suit with washing machine.

Lets started!


Hand Wash Your Sauna Suit

Nowadays, sauna suits are made with PVC or nylon coated cloth that make them easy to be hand washed. In this part, I will go through the tips on how to clean your sauna suit with hands.

Tip 1. Read the product care label on the suit carefully to prevent damage to your sauna suits. Because different sauna suits are made with different materials, the product care label will help you clean sauna suits properly. Follow the wash and dry instructions on the product care label. For example, some product label will tell you the water temperature, detergents for washing. Some will tell you it is only handed washable.

Note: If there are no instructions on the product labels, you can wash the suit with lukewarm water and gentle detergents. Or you can consult the after-sales customer service.

Tip 2. Take regular care with water after every use. The easiest way is to rinse your sauna suit with water after a workout. You can wear a suit when you take a shower. In this case, you do not need to wash the suit every day, you can wash it once a month.

Tip 3. Wash the suit with gentle detergents. Firstly soak the suit into a tub of water with mild detergent for around 15 minutes. Then rinse the suit with tubs of clean water. Finally, squeeze the remaining water on the suit.  


Machine Wash Your Sauna Suit

Before washing your sauna suit in the washing machine, you need to read the product care label on your suit to find whether it is machine washable.

If your sauna suit is machine washable, you should pay attention to washer settings. Just read the product label carefully for the wash instructions including recommended water temperature and wash program. The delicate or gentle cycle is allowed for sauna suit cleaning.

Then, put a little gentle laundry detergent and clean your suit with a delicate or gentle cycle in the washer.

Note: Do not wash your sauna suit on a spin cycle that will cause damage to the suit fabrics.


How to Dry A Sauna Suit?

 Either you wash your sauna suits with hand or washing machine, hand dry the suit is the best option. Some suits are allowed to dry under direct sunlight, which will damage suit materials. It is recommended to dry your sauna suits in a place with a consistent temperature. For example, you can dry the suit with a hanger in a cool and ventilate place.

Moreover, make sure to dry your suit thoroughly. Otherwise, staying wet or moisture will cultivate the bacteria that are harmful to your suit.

Bonus Tip: If you do not use the sauna suits, you should clean and dry them out. And then store them by hanging in the place under a consistent temperature.


All in All

Sauna suits are the assistant tool for building your body. You need to take proper care of them. The more care you take to your sauna suits, the better body you will have.

It is not difficult for how to wash a sauna suit. Clean your sauna suit properly after each use to ensure the durability. 

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