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Slim Down Calves in Less Than 10 Days

Slim Down Calves in Less Than 10 Days

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If you have bigger-than-average calves, you may struggle to slim them down.

There are many reasons may cause the bigger-than-average calf muscles.

1. Genetics. It plays an important role in growth and shaping your body muscles. It is said that the size of your calves is similar to your family members. Unless you do enough exercises, you cannot slim down calves.

2. Excessive salty foods. Eat too much salty foods can easily cause leg edema.

3. Excessive body fat. Your body fat is another main cause of bigger calves. People with high body fat tend to have big calves.

4. Wrong workout. Eg. Do not stretch after running will cause muscle stiffness and soreness. Running will shorten the fiber of muscles. Stretch after running can help relax muscles.

Select a suitable sport suit and try the following exercises to slim down calves!


Step 1. Check your calf muscle type before the training. It is difficult to slim the firm muscles, if you do not loose them first. How to loose them?

Sit on the ground with one of your foot lifted upward at a right angle. Slap you calf with fist for 5 minutes. Then repeat the opposite foot.

Take a calf bath for a period of time to relax the muscles. Then, pat the calves to accelerate blood circulation after the bath.


Step 2. Do cellulite exercises every day.

Lie on the floor, straighten up your feet at 90 degrees to your body. Cross your soles of feet with a towel, and straighten your hands.

Pull the towel down with hands while pressing down the soles of the feet. Keep hands and feet straight.

Repeat it 40 times can tighten the calves and lengthen the calf line.


Step 3. Accelerate the slim effect with the following tips.

Remove edema by eating foods containing vitamin E, like almonds, peanuts, wheat germ, etc. Vitamin E can help accelerate blood circulation and prevent muscle flaccifity.

Eat food rich in vitamin B that can help the metabolism of fat by converting sugar into energy. Eg. Mushrooms, sesame, peanuts, spinach and more.

Reduce salt absorption in your diet and eat foods with potassium to excrete the excess salt in the body. Potassium-rich foods include tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, celery, etc.


Step 4. Do interval training.

Make a set of actions to exercise the calves. Arrange these actions in an order. Repeat them as much as you can. Take a 1~3 minutes break between the intervals. The interval training can effectively reduce the excess fat under skin and muscle fibres.


Step 5. Do low-intensity cardio.

Cardio is the most effective training method in making calves smaller. Burn fat and reduce muscles with low-intensity cardio, like running, walking, swimming and more.

Running with a heel to toe stride motion on flat surface to slim your legs down.

Avoid exercises that make your muscles bigger, including jumping, sprinting, skipping weighted jumps.

Jogging, walking or biking for 10 miles per hour.

Note: For step 4 and step 5, you can wear a HOTSUIT sauna suit that will boost your fitness process. HOTSUIT sauna suits are made from patented Silver-HeatREG fabric that activate your sport desire by accelerating sweating.


It is possible to slim down calves in less than 10 days, if you do exercises regularly.

If you have toned calves, try the methods mentioned above to make them smaller.

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