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How to Get Abs in 7 Days with Sauna Suit [5 Steps]

How to Get Abs in 7 Days with Sauna Suit [5 Steps]

5 minute read

Are you feel anxious about your belly fat?

Are you envy of those who have 6 packs or firm abs?

Dont worry!

I will introduce you to a 7-day fitness plan to help you get abdominal muscles.

Lets see how to get abs in 7 days with a sauna suit.


Step 1. Keep a strict diet.

Eating habit plays a key role in muscle building. A healthy diet is good for fitness. Food offers energy for our bodies. And your body will consume a lot of energy after vigorous exercise. If you want to get abdominal muscles, you need to take a balanced diet.

1. Make sure to have meals containing high-protein and low-fat food, like seafood, lean pork, chicken breasts, etc.

2. Quit food with high sugar and fat, like chocolate, chips and hamburgers, cola, barbecue, pizza, hot dog, etc.

3. Try to eat a couple of small meals, 4 to 5 meals a day.

Make a 7-day diet plan. FYI:


Meal 1. Bacon*2; Egg*1; Mushroom*4; Cheese*1

Meal 2. Tomato*2; Onion*1/4; Olive oil*10g

Meal 3. Salmon*226g; Asparagus*8; Olive oil*10g; Chicken breast*170g; Cucumber*1/2

Meal 4. Raspberry*4; Protein powder*10g; Milk*125ml


Meal 1. Egg*1; Salad sauce*15g; Milk*125ml; Egg white*3

Meal 2. Broccoli*25g; Recovery Drink*50ml; Onion*1/4

Meal 3. Recovery Drink*50ml

Meal 4. Spinach*85; Onion*1/4; Drumstick*3

Meal 5. Protein Powder*10g; Walnut*25g; Blueberry*30g


Meal 1. Egg*2; Egg White*3; Broccoli*50g; Olive Oil*10g; Milk*50ml

Meal 2. Peas*100g; Carrot*50g; Drumstick*3; Olive Oil*10g

Meal 3. Protein Powder*10g; Peanut*15g; Linseed Meal*10g

Meal 4. Tuna*198g; Spinach*100g; Mushroom*50g; Tomato*1/2; Olive Oil*10g


Meal 1. Bacon*2; Egg*2; Milk*250ml

Meal 2. Bearnaise*20g; Celery*1; Onion*1/4; Canned Tune*1; Lettuce Leave*3

Meal 3. Recovery Drink*50ml

Meal 4. Steak*170g; Cabbage*1/4; Olive Oil*10g

Meal 5. Protein Powder*10g; Walnut*25g; Blueberry*30g


Meal 1. Whole Milk Yoghurt*100ml; Protein Powder*10g; Walnut*50g; Blueberry*30g

Meal 2. Spinach*100g; Strawberry*2; Onion*30g; Mushroom*10g; Chicken Breast*198g; Olive Oil*2.5g

Meal 3. Cheese*1/4; Walnut*50g; Protein Powder*15g

Meal 4. Steak*200g; Onion*1/2; Mushroom*10g; Olive Oil*5g


Meal 1. Egg*2; Egg White*3; Mushroom*20g; Onion*1/4; Cheese*1

Meal 2. Lettuce*20g; Pear*1/2; Salad Sauce*10g; Chicken Breast*200g; Olive Oil*10g

Meal 3. Recovery Drink*50ml

Meal 4. Steak*200g; Tomato*1/2; Onion*1/2; Cucumber*1/2; Olive Oil*20g

Meal 5. Protein Powder*10g; Walnut*30g; Blueberry*30g


Meal 1. Egg*2; Egg White*3; Mushroom*20g; Onion*1/4;

Meal 2. Steak*200g; Spinach*200g; Olive Oil*5g; Apple*1/2

Meal 3. Broccoli*25g; Chicken Breast*200g; Olive oil*5g; Almond*20g

Meal 4. Spinach*85g; Onion*1/4; Drumstick*3


Step 2. Make a fitness plan

Analyze your body fat rate by the human fat analyzer in the gym. Generally speaking, you will get abdominal muscles easily when your body fat rate is reduced to 13% (Male) or 17% (Female). Reduce your body fat rate is the first step to get abs.


Step 3. Do Abs exercises in a sauna suit.

Do exercises for your abdominal muscles 5 days a week. Each exercise should be performed in 3 or 4 groups. For example: Three sets of 300 sit-ups or crunches to exercise the abdominal muscles.

Tip 1. Lie flat on a yoga mat, hook up your knees, and use your abdomen strength to lift your upper body.

Tip 2. Lie flat and hook up your knees. Twist your flanks and use hands to touch your toes.

Tip 3. Lie on your back and raise your legs off the ground, then do a scissors-like motion by crisscrossing one leg to the other. Do not let your legs drop during the exercises.


Step 4. Do high-intensity interval training.

Interval training is the most popular way to burn calories. You can do it 5 times a week. Cardio workout is high-intensity interval training that can help you sweat quickly. For example:

1. You can run 100 meters at full speed and then walk back to the start point quickly. Repeat it 10 times. And the whole exercise is about 30 minutes.

2. Take 30 minutes to do fast and slow interval jump rope. You can do a fast rope jump for one minute and have a rest for 20 seconds, then repeat it. Rope jumping can enhance your coordination and shoulder strength, and burn more calories.

3. Swim fast in one minute can burn 14 calories. If you are a strong swimmer, you can swim as fast as you can. If not, for example, swim for 200 meters, you can swim as fast as you can and back, then swim slowly for the same distance.


Step 5. Follow the fitness plan.

Do cardio exercises in the morning, and do abdominal crunches at night. Combined with a healthy diet, follow the fitness plan is the most effective way to get abdominal muscles.


Note: Make sure to get enough water and sleep during training.

Now it is your turn to get abs in 7 days?


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