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Get A Bigger Buttocks in A Week [Glutes Workout]

Get A Bigger Buttocks in A Week [Glutes Workout]

4 minute read

If you keep on doing exercises for buttocks shaping, you can get a bigger buttocks in a week.

That sounds great!

There is a set of buttocks training action for you get a bigger buttocks fast.

If you are a newbie, you will benefit a lot from this post.

Lets get into!


Do Glutes Workout in The Gym

This set of glutes workout can be practice with Smith machine in the gym.

Action 1. 3~4 sets of Smith squat. Repeat it 10~15 times.

a. Put the bar on the back of shoulders.

b. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and bend your toes outward slightly, then retract your shoulder blades by making your elbow back.

c. Look forward, focus on your core muscles, and then take the bar down from the rack.

d. Make thighs be parallel to the floor by lowering your body, keeping your back bent slightly.

Action 2. 3~4 sets of Smith Stiff-leg Deadlifts. Repeat it 10~15 times.

This action can help to shape muscles of the back thighs and gluts.

a. Stand with shoulder-width apart, and grasp bar with shoulder with.

b. Bend your knees, and then bend your hips to lower bar toward the feet top, keep your waist straight during the exercise.

c. Next, extend hips to lift bar back until standing upright. Repeat it several times.

Action 3. 3~4 sets of Smith Single Leg Stiff-leg Deadlift. Repeat it 10~15 times.

a. Stand with your feet together. Put your hands in front of thighs.

b. Lift your left leg back while lowering the torso downward and forward. Slightly bend the knee that supports leg and keep back straight.

c. When your hands touch the floor, raise the torso and lower the lifted leg to return to the original position.

d. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Action 4. 3~4 sets of Smith Single Leg Split Squat. Repeat it 10~15 times.

a. Stand back to the bench. Put bar on the the back of your shoulders. Extend one leg back and place the instep on bench.

b. Squat down by bending knee and hip of the front leg until the knee of rear leg can almost touch the floor.

c. Extend knee and hip of the front leg to return to original position.

d. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Action 5. 3~4 sets of Kneeling Squat. Repeat it 10~15 times.

a. Kneel down on the mat. Keep your feet be flat on the floor. Do not flex your toes.

b. Look forward and sit back until your buttocks touch calves. Tight your core muscles to contract the hips when sitting back.

c. Repeat it again.

Action 6. 3~4 sets of Sled Kneeling Glute Kickback. Repeat it 10~15 times.

a. Place right knee on the lower pad of Smith machine and right foot against the bar. Put forearms on padded arm rest, then grip the handles.

b. Position the middle sole of the left foot under foot bar by lifting the foot upward.

c. Extend your left leg to push the foot bar up. Repeat.

Action 7. 3~4 sets of Barbell Hip Thrust. Repeat it 10~15 times.

a. Sit on the floor with your upper back leaning against the bench. Roll the barbell back and center your hips.

b. Place your feet on the floor with shoulder-width apart while flexing your knees. Then grab the bar with your hands.

c. Lift the barbell up while extending your hips until straight.


There are multiple types of exercises you can do to help shape and firm your butt. As long as you take time to practice, you will get a bigger buttocks. Besides, you can use fitness machine and wear activewear to achieve the fitness results. Here, I recommend HOTSUIT. You can select a wide range of sportswear with high-tech fabric from HOTSUIT.

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