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Do Sauna Suits Work [Guide 2020]

Do Sauna Suits Work [Guide 2020]

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If you are a fitness fanatic, athlete, boxer, wrestler, etc, you may not be a stranger to the sauna suits or sweatsuits.

More and more people take the sauna suits as an aid to getting health benefits or other benefits like weight loss, muscle building, fat loss, etc.

However, most of them are still confused about the benefits of sauna suits. Questions like Do sauna suits work? How do sauna suits work? or Do sauna suits help burn fat? are frequently searched by people.

Find answers in the article below.


What Are Sauna Suits?

Sauna suits or sweat suits are designed to retain your body heat and accelerate body sweat perspiration during a workout or physical training.

PVC, nylon and neoprene are the most common materials used for making sauna suits. With the development of manufacturing technology, sauna suits nowadays are made from brand patented tech fabrics. Take HOTSUIT sauna suits as an example.

HOTSUIT sauna suits are made from patent Heat Nanosilver fabric that is a kind of heat-reflective material. Although the sauna suits made from such material seem to be similar to other common sauna suits in the market, they have more advantages. Heat Nanosilver sauna suits are lightweight, safe, effective and durable.

Hotsuit Women Silver Pullover Sauna Suit

Hotsuit Women Silver Pullover Sauna Suit


A destination for weight cutting and sweat-easy in this silver sauna suit, powered by HOTSUIT Sliver-HeatREG Pro for Professional support. This easy-fitting pullover suit features icon sleeves, a flattering grosgrain ribbons hemline, long-line sauna suit provides coverage during dynamic more

How Do Sauna Suits Work?

How effective sauna suits are?

A good sauna suit is good for your fitness program. Wearing a sauna suit in exercise can not only help you lose weight and burn fat, but also benefits for your body health.


Increase Body Heat Circulation & Lower Blood Glucose Level

Exercising in a sauna suit helps retain body heat to elevate your body temperature. With the rising of temperature, the metabolism and pulse rate increase to accelerate blood circulation. And the improvement of blood circulation benefits your body extremities.

Moreover, due to the body temperature increasing, the HSP or heat shock protein will be released to lower blood sugar levels.


Higher VO2max

The VO2max (is used to measure the maximum oxygen volume for exercise and an indicator of aerobic fitness level) will be improved when doing exercises with a sauna suit. A study indicates that there will be an 11.7% increase in VO2max for a workout in a sauna suit.


Lose Weight & Burn Fat

 Sauna suits do contribute to a short-term or long-term weight loss. A rapid weight loss can be done via exercising in a sauna suit by getting body water loss from profuse sweat. Long-term weight loss needs a regular fitness routine.  

Also, a new research proves that the body fat of exercisers wearing sauna suits is decreased more than those without wearing sauna suits. And the fat oxidation also achieved a significant improvement.

Therefore, wearing a sauna suit to exercise can not only help lose weight, but also burn fat or calories.



If you are seeking an effective way to get a rapid weight loss, you can workout wearing a sauna suit.

Although sauna suits have lots of benefits, they also have risks. Exercising in a sauna suit should take moderate exercise as a prerequisite. The vigorous exercise in a sauna suit for a long time is not recommended, which will result in risks of dehydration and rhabdomyolysis.

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