“HOTSUIT” was founded in 1999, originating in Colorado, USA, and is a Fashion Brand Company (founded with sweatsuit). It is designed with patented technology fabric ( Silver-heat REG V2.0). “HOTSUIT” has its own factory , which produces all the brand suits.

HOTSUIT is a high-end niche brand that reduces weight for professional athletes and celebrity artists; extending to running, fitness, life and leisure activities. It is widely popular in many countries around the world, enabling customers to develop a desired look when exercising. Every HOTSUIT employee feels full of confidence and achievement, in the knowledge, that people are wearing the brand , which encompasses technology and fashion. Our aim is to make HOTSUIT the world’s leading sports brand.

HOTSUIT Sports is exploring the core values of lifestyle, passion and self-discipline, coupled with health, happiness and fashion. HOTSUIT aims to create balance and rhythm in sports apparel. HOTSUIT records every moment of your fitness; allowing you to release pressure when doing exercise. Sweat more and Sparkle more.

Silver-heat REG V2.0

Effectively raises the human body temperature in a short time, activating sweat glands, promoting sweat excretion; thus solving the problem of blocked sweat glands of modern day people or sweating due to great pressure. Being able to perspire comfortably and efficiently can lead to the desire to exercise more and develop good life-style habits.

There are several problems in modern day life; not least, sweating. People work irregular hours, do various activities and live in various climates which are continuously changing. The sweat-suit can help immensely to allowing the skin to breath; allowing the sweat glands to breath and the pores to open. The regular use of the sweat-suit can allow the body to speed up the process of circulation of the body and its metabolism. Moreover, the waste products, such as urea, lactic acid, ammonia and other toxins, are removed more efficiently; leading to improved skin and health.

Two core technologies

Through various professional core sports technologies, HOTSUIT, creates better sports equipment for everyone and arouses stronger sports desire to train. The two core technologies of the brand are perspiration and plasticity. HOTSUIT’s unique shaping technology can further consolidate the exercise effect and the strengthen the shaping effect during exercise. This technology is used in sports modelling series. In addition to the unique patented fabric for perspiration, the sweat-body control suit can rapidly increase body temperature, activate sweat glands, and promote rapid sweat excretion.


In our society today, people are extremely busy. In order to enhance peoples life-styles, exercise and life-style are inseparable. Some people choose to run outdoors, cycle, sunbathe, exercise in the gym, go swimming in the sea or at a swimming pool. In point of fact, people are now conscious of health and life-style as going hand-in-hand.
HOTSUIT is increasing its influence worldwide. People from all walks of life are wearing HOTSUIT; from fitness experts, fashion models, bloggers, entrepreneurs, professional sportsman, athletes and others. HOTSUIT sportswear is stylish and vogue. Thanks to our research and development it is becoming important in a busy lifestyle.

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