Windrunner - Women's Sauna Pants


Want to make the best out of every workout? Wear these sauna pants when you grind and easily take a few pounds off, without having to overexert yourself!
The Sweatsuit Series' sauna pants for women is made with carefully patented fabric that helps concentrate heat better than your standard gym or workout leggings - you'll really feel the 'burn' with these sauna pants on, in just a short period of time.
Comes available in 2 different colors that you can easily match with almost any top - fit it best with a nice shirt, or pair it up with one of our special tops for a more unified theme!
Choose a size and color that fits you well, and add it to your cart  soon, you'll these amazing pair of sauna pants to wear for your next workout activity!
Hotsuit Patented Nano 9000Fabric V2.0 with Mesh Fabric
Normal Elasticity

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