Classic - Women's Sauna suit (Jacket & Pant)


Take your fitness journey to the next level with this women's sauna suit - really dig in to any workout and burn extra fat off easier!
Specially designed with a heat-retaining fabric to make you sweat faster, this classic sweat suit is designed to cause sweat for an effective body shaping and weight loss in short time. Wearing sauna suit to exercise, 10 minutes of sweat is equivalent to 30 minutes.
What's more is that these suits are available in 4 stunning colors - all geared to make you look stylishly ready for any sports activity!
Feel the intensity of your grind - hurry and grab a hold of this incredibly hot sweatsuit today!
Product Details
Material: Hotsuit Patented Nano 9000Fabric
This saunasuit contains sauna jacket and sauna pants
Long zipper design, see other style
Low elasticity

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