Sweat Movement

Ready to get sweating? It's a time to become an official sweatiest leader.

The Sweat Movement is a club built of the world's professional or non-professional sweatiest addicts.

We offer special benefits to our sweat addicts as a thank you for their commitment to sweat.

We connect with members to gather highly valued input on our products to help us build the good future of HOTSUIT.



  • Uroš Jurišič: A fight to become yourself
  • Dawson Saint Jour: No Excuses


Sweatiest Addicts

Sweat Up, Dare you, Go Battle!

HOTSUIT strive to inspire or influence everyone practice of Sweat, Active and Empower in daily life.

How To HOTSUIT Sweatiest Addicts?

If you are...

  • Boxing fighter (professional or addict)
  • Burning passion, challenge the limit, beyond the self
  • Enjoy and share sweating, positive powerful


Want to learn more about becoming a sweat addicts, please direct all questions to market@hotsuit.com