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Your First Sauna Suit | For Story of Life | HOTSUIT

Your First Sauna Suit | For Story of Life | HOTSUIT

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Weave the story of everyday by a sauna suit.

Discovering the joy from a sauna suit.


First Met

How do you know the sauna suit? From the ads, your friends, the magazine...

Clothes were born to keep warm. Sauna suits were designed to help sweat profusely by accelerating body heat circulation. Clothes is essentials for everyone. Yet, the Sauna suit is only for a specific group of people with specific needs.

The early sauna suits were made from plastic-like fabric, noxious, and smelly. Some people may DIY their own sauna suits at home with a trash bag. The early sauna suit is only made for sweating function.

There is no doubt that your first sauna suit may have no sense of design.

With the change of lifestyle, the role that a sauna suit plays is not only in sweating. People take more consideration into comfort, safe, and chic. Sauna suits nowadays are made across the ranges and styles. Most of the people use sauna suit to express an attitude toward life. It calls for a sauna suit that lets people feel good to wear.

Fabric is the key. The HOTSUIT Nanosilver fabric is a good choice. It is soft to touch. Let you feel a sense of achievement after profusely sweating.  


Matching Spirit

What can a sauna suit bring you? Cutting weight, burning calories, burning fat, building muscles...

How about matching spirit?

In modern life, you may be overwhelmed by pressures and difficulties. Hope to seek a new lifestyle matching your mind.

Sweating in a sauna suit, indulging in the joy of sports, let you be away from hustle and bustle. The sauna suit is not only a piece of clothing, it can be a kind of life attitude and a state of mind.

Sauna suit witnesses every moment of your fitness. It records your every step of being a self-discipline person. It balances practical effects and fashion.

In any era, active life is desirable and the spiritual richness is a relentless pursuit.


Designing the Future

What is the best sauna suit in your mind?

A good sauna suit should help improve life for everyone.

HOTSUIT aims to create products that sparkle life and shock the world. Every piece of sauna suit has life. It let every user express their individuality.


Cultural-based Design

HotSuit sauna suit is of cultural connotation. Products created based on culture can easy to touch people. Integrated fighting spirit, strong willing, and firm faith from martial arts culture into sauna suit are what HOTSUIT had been doing.


In Detail

A good sauna suit focuses on details. HOTSUIT keeps eye on every detail in making a sauna suit. Take users needs into consideration to make products useful and understandable.



A long-lasting product needs continuous innovation. That is why HOTSUIT sauna suit can stand out from other products in the market.


Your First Sauna Suit

What is your first sauna suit?

Share the story about you and the sauna suit. 

Hotsuit Men Silver Pullover Sauna Suit

Hotsuit Men Silver Pullover Sauna Suit


A destination for weight cutting and sweat-easy in this silver sauna suit, powered by HOTSUIT Silver -HeatREG Pro for Professional support. This easy-fitting pullover suit features icon sleeves, a flattering grosgrain ribbons hemline, long-line sauna suit provides coverage during dynamic more


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