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How to Make A Sauna Suit with A Simple Way [Homemade]

How to Make A Sauna Suit with A Simple Way [Homemade]

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More and more people buy sauna suits for muscle building, short-term or long-term weight loss, physical training, etc. Sauna suits really work in body weight loss.

There are various brands of sauna suits for your selection. You can buy on Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, eBay, etc. Yet, it is difficult to find a sauna suit of good quality and a low price that fits you.

Here, I will show you a simple way to get a suitable sauna suit - homemade your own sauna suit.

Lets dive right in.


How to Make A Homemade Sauna Suit?

Wearing a trash bag for exercise or doing a body wrap at home gains a lot of popularity recently. Either of them can achieve weight loss from water loss like a workout with a sauna suit.

The newer sauna suits are made with a synthetic plastic material, like PVC, neoprene, coated nylon cloth, and so on. The most important thing for wearing a sauna suit is to lose body weight from profuse sweating generated by body temperature rising. Therefore, a homemade sauna suit of waterproof fabrics has the same effect. And the most common waterproof material in our daily life is plastic trash bags.

Before you make a sauna suit at home, you need to prepare the following things:

1. Plastic trash bag or unwanted raincoat

2. Cotton shirt

3. Belt, tape, or rubber bands

4. Marker

5. Scissors


Simple Steps on How to Make Sauna Suit

Here, I will take a trash bag as an example. Read the steps below on how to make a trash bag sauna suit.

Step 1. Measure your head circumference, shoulder width, and upper arm width.

Step 2. Place the trash bag on the smooth surface with the opening side facing away from you.

Step 3. According to the head circumference, shoulder width and upper arm width you measured, use the permanent marker to draw the holes for your head and two arms.

Step 4. Go ahead to cut the holes for the head and arms with scissors. Then, you got a sleeveless sauna suit cut out from the garbage bag.

Step 5. Then, wear the cotton undershirt first and put on your homemade sauna suit. If the waist is too loose, you can add a belt or use the tape or rubber bands.

Pretty cool! You have got your own homemade sauna suit.

Note: Although the sauna suit made by the trash bag can help you sweat profusely, it does not work the same as the specially designed sauna suit. If you want to buy a specially designed sauna suit, you can go to where a wide collection of well-constructed sauna suits are provided.


In A Word

Due to COVID-19, many people are quarantined to prevent the spread of disease and the gym is closed. So, most of you may do exercises with sauna suits at home. If you do not have a sauna suit or the newly-bought sauna suit is on the way, you can DIY a sauna suit with the trash bag.

It is your turn to make a sauna suit now.

If there is another method for how to make a sauna suit, please leave your voice.

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