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Getting Your Sparkle Back with Eve Myles

Getting Your Sparkle Back with Eve Myles

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“This girl is getting her sparkle back...” says Eve Myles, after exercising in a HOTSUIT sauna suit. Her life is sparkling with her excellent performance in many popular dramas and TV series as well as her attitude towards life.


Discover Magic in Acting

Eve Myles, a Welsh actress, is known for the starring role in BBC drama series Belonging, and her appearance in every episode of Torchwood created by Russell T Davies, lead writer of Doctor Who. “It really makes me happy that Russel T Davies writes a character for me, just like presenting a private Oscar to me...” Due to her excellent performance in The Unquiet Dead, the episode of Doctor Who, the leader writer Russel T Davies produces a role, especially for Myles.

During her actress’s career, she was nominated several times for best actress, was crowned as the Best Actress award in the SFX Reader’s awards poll and the 11th annual Airlock Alpha Portal Awards.

Not just her actress life sparkles, but the attitude towards life makes her different.


Getting Sparkle Back in Sports

“I am like a socialist who sticks on my standpoint, keep fighting, overcome any challenges and difficulties, to get success.” She grew up with a strong interest in sports, especially in boxing. Unfortunately, her knuckle was broken during training, she had to give up sports. However, her strong interest in boxing does not disappear.

She likes boxing in the gym. When the sweat is dripping on her face, she finds herself. Sweating in boxing lets her getting sparkle back.

If you lose your sparkle, you can do like Eve Myles. Make a standard exercise routine, keep and follow it. Let yourself indulge in the sweating, you will get your sparkle back one day. As the saying goes, “Life is movement.” Sports is an indispensable part of our life. It allows you to release pressures from stressful work and life. Some of you may get lost in such work and life. Keep doing exercises is the most effective way to find yourself.


HOTSUIT focuses on the connection between sweat and sports. It features of patent-technology sauna suits for professional athletes and artists to get a rapid weight loss from profuse sweating. As the brand logo says, “Sweat & Sparkle”, HOTSUIT aims to help every user getting sparkle back.

Getting your sparkle back with Eve Myles now! 

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