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Get Weight Loss with Bob Harper [Healthy Lifestyle]

Get Weight Loss with Bob Harper [Healthy Lifestyle]

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Are you the fancier of the American reality show The Biggest Loser”? It comes back in January 2020. It is a competition reality show for helping overweight contestants to get slimmer.  

Bob Harper, an American personal trainer, is the host of The Biggest Loser. Before becoming the host, he is a trainer on this TV show for 16 seasons, guiding the overweight contestants to get weight loss with his professional tips.

However, many contestants who took part in The Biggest Loser were found to gain the weight back and have slower metabolisms than before. That is why the show was canceled. Therefore, it focuses more on health or wellness for the new season.

Losing weight is a constant challenge. You should focus not only on getting skinny, but also on getting healthy. Obesity increases the risk to have heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health problems. If you want to get a weight loss, you must pay attention to food, weight, exercises, and health condition.

“Maybe I can understand the contestants of The Biggest Loser more than I ever have.” says Harper. In February 2017, he suffered a heart attack after doing a CrossFit workout. “I have always been a control freak. I had to rethink everything and rules after the heart attack.”

After his heart attack, he made a change in his life. If you are struggling for losing weight, you can check out Bob’s workout routine. Let’s see how Bob Harper makes weight loss a reality.

Firstly, have a carb-friendly and plant-based diet. You can start a day with gluten-free, lactose-free, and nut-free oat milk.

Give up sugar in your diet. Sugar is the main cause of obesity. If you are addicted to it, you can not lose weight.

Have a couple of small meals rather than one large meal per time. Focus on how much you are eating. Slash a large portion of pasta into half. “Eat half of a meal can naturally help lose weight.

Secondly, do cardio every day. Bod takes part in classes like hot yoga and climb class. After getting a heavily sweat by wearing a HOTSUIT sauna suit during hot yoga or climb class, he will replenish a lot of water. Make sure to drink enough water after exercise. The vigorous exercises may cause dehydration by profusely sweating.

The last but not least, except for diet and exercise, stress management also plays a key role in weight loss.

“You must manage your stress. Stress management is the key to a healthy lifestyle.” Bob manages his stress by practicing transcendental meditation. Have a good mood can help things done well. You can manage your stress with the help of some techniques or programs, as shown below:

1. Practice tai-chi, yoga, or meditation to let you calm down.

2. Get enough sleep. Do not stay up late.

3. Be positive in life. Do not get angry easily.

4. Cut out alcohol and drugs to reduce stress.

5. Go to a psychologist for professional treatment.

Check out Bob’s workout routine to lose weight!

Get a happy and healthy life!

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